Fides et Ratio … faith and reason. Grace builds on nature … the supernatural builds on, and in many ways completes what is only hinted at in the material world.

This essential cohesion of life, the inexorably intertwined character of all that is … that reality has made itself quite difficult to ignore over the past few years in my life.I have an ongoing interest in many technologies and scientific developments, but particularly what computing in its many forms is enabling these days; in the interplay of faith throughout all of life, whether we want to admit of it into our thoughts or not; and in storytelling, particularly in the power of the story to propose questions, and even answers to those questions, particularly the central questions in our lives … who am I, what am I, and what does all this mean, anyway?

These questions are often obscure, obtuse, troubling, and all too often unanswerable in our post-Christian world. Yet we must try.

In the past couple of years have begun to think about some of the current attempts to utilize science to explain these central questions of life. These attempts include both the singularity (as proposed by Kurzweil and others), and the less well-known, and perhaps less precisely defined “new paradigm”, a form of quantum mysticism proposed by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Fraile, among others.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to poke around … hope that you find it worthwhile, and are not too aggravated about the expenditure of time.


Bob Lozano
April 9, 2016

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  1. Hi Bob!
    This is a crazy way to connect with you but here I am. I deeply agree with you that the beauty and power of technology can be used as a powerful mechanism to help us discover a greater appreciation of the one who answers all our deepest questions…rather than a utilitarian tool for our pride to deify ourselves instead.

    I am a local STL ministry “start-up” founder who needs some wisdom such as yours, as I try to harness a bit of technology to create a new kind of search engine…one with a moral compass. The goal is to provide a fresh way for families to appreciate and exercise habits of virtue. Take a stroll around the preliminary website. (It’s basically designed to give potential donors a sense of what is planned. I’m not contacting you as a potential donor…just as an advisor. )
    Perhaps we can talk?

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