Fast for Rachel Continues …

Along with superior medical care, an integral part of Rachel’s battle through critical illness continues to be a wide variety of prayer from so many, so generously … thank you and keep them coming!

Last week many participated in the first Day of Fasting for Rachel. The timing was important, as on that day Rachel was liberated from the ECMO machine which had crucially saved her life a couple of weeks prior.

Her husband Gabe wrote a brief summary of her situation immediately after. A huge step, yet many more await.

With that in mind, as Rachel continues to face crucial difficulties and the medical teams continue to work diligently, it just seems rational to double down on the prayer and sacrifices as well.

Therefore Monday February 17 will be the second Day of Fasting & Sacrifice for Rachel. Please join others who are offering up the very ancient prayer of fasting specifically for Rachel’s healing, encouragement, fortitude and peace for Rachel, Gabe and others around her, and for much good to come out of so much suffering.

As before please use whatever form seems best to you; if fasting is not prudent simply choose another sacrifice; if the timing doesn’t work, then please adjust as well.

Thank you in advance for all of the generous support.

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