Fast for Rachel!

Rachel Lozano, our daughter in law and integral member of the extended family, has been critically ill since early January (brief overview of the first month or so here, though much has changed since).

Along with superior medical care, an integral part of her battle continues to be a wide variety of prayer from so many, so generously … thank you and keep them coming!

A couple of days ago a friend asked a simple question – anyone fasting for Rachel?

Oops, not so far as we knew. A definite omission.

With so much on the line, definitely time to change that … tomorrow, Wednesday 2/12/20 will be our first Day of Fasting for Rachel. Please join others who are offering up the very ancient prayer of fasting specifically for Rachel’s healing, encouragement for Gabe and others around her, and for much good to come out of so much suffering.

As for what form of fasting, well that is entirely up to you – if there are any medical considerations (such as pregnancy, EDs, medications, illness, etc etc etc) then simply substitute some other sacrifice which would be more prudent.

Please pass along to anyone who may want to join in, and thank each and every one of you so much, in advance.

We may do this again next week, hopefully with a bit more time to plan. As to this being last minute, well mea culpa, most definitely.

3 thoughts on “Fast for Rachel!

  1. I just read this now. I’ve already eaten today, but I was planning a 66 hour fast this week, starting tomorrow after dinner due to a diet I’m following. But I will now dedicate this fast and prayers for Rachel!

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